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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions the Razzle Dazzle Farm is frequently asked.

Do you Rent-a-Chicken?

Yes, we Rent-a-Chicken.  We even provide the housing for the chickens for you.  The chickens will lay delicious eggs and at the same time you will familiarize yourself with how easy chickens are to care for! 

Do you babysit chickens?

Yes, we babysit chickens.  If you are going out of town, have an emergency, etc., we can care for your chickens.  We have seperate shelters specifically to babysit chickens.  Arrangements can be made to care for your livestock as well.

Why isn't your phone number and address on this web site?

The Razzle Dazzle Farm is our homestead.  We value our privacy and this is our hobby.  We have small children and a lot of chores that keep us busy.  Appointments to make purchases must be scheduled; we want to be able to give you our full attention and not be distracted by other obligations.

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