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Chickens and Eggs

Our Chickens

We have an assortment of chickens, variety is what makes our farm magical. If you would like to meet the chickens who will be providing your eggs, click here

Our Eggs




We have an assortment of eggs in a range of colors.

Some are white, others are brown, blue, speckled, large and minature. The eggs are all very delicious and extremely nutritious. 

We need an advance notice of how many eggs you would like- we provide fresh hand gathered eggs only.

Our chickens are our pets.  They prefer to free range most of the day and are kept extremely clean. 

If you would like to see photographs of our lovely eggs, click here.

Contact us to schedule a pick up and please feel free to donate any egg cartons you have.  We are firm believers in recycling and repurposing. 



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