Pets Pets "Sweetheart" As you can tell he likes to sit still for photos. He's a very friendly kitty cat. Meow. 148367151 "Fluffy" Our little lionhead bunny. She's a smokey white. 147496774 "Maggie Mae" She's a Dorkie- A cross between a Dachshund and a Yorkshire Terrier. 160526985 "Princess" Isn't princess a pretty farm kitty? Purrr.... 148403487 "Bert and Ernie" These are our pet Rolling Pigeons. Our pigeons are so sweet- they sleep with the chickens and free range with the chickens as well. The black/purple one is male and the brown/pink is female. 158539078 "Razzle" Razzle the pygmy goat. 180216375